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Bishop Richard Condie
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Welcome to the website of Anglican Cursillo Tasmania.  Cursillo is a short course in Christian living, enhancing the role of laity in the church to equip people to live a Christian life in their community.  It is our hope that as you peruse the pages of this site, you will be inspired to enrich your Christian experience by taking advantage of the opportunities that Cursillo provides.

Anglican Cursillo Tasmania is an active participant in the Anglican Diocese of Tasmania and it is our prayer that all who have engaged with Cursillo will also become more confident, joyful and enthusiastic supporters of the work of their local parish.

We gratefully acknowledge the encouragement of the Rt Rev. Dr Richard Condie, Bishop of Tasmania.

I found Cursillo to be a very engaging weekend course that helped my own faith to grow.  I have seen it do great good in the lives of other people as well, as it encourages them to be serious disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and to take their part in the life and ministry of the church.

Cursillo has been used by God in Tasmania and I want to encourage people to consider attending a weekend.

Warm wishes,

The Rt Rev. Dr Richard Condie

By participating in a Cursillo three-day weekend, millions of people around the world have been helped to relate the Gospel to everyday life.  They learn that Christ is personally interested in how they live their lives - at home, in their church and in the world.

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