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31/5/24: Thank you to all those who attended the MW36 Welcome Ultreya on May 25th.  It was a joyous occasion which included the announcement of the Lay Coordinator for MW37 in 2025.  Please pray for George Humphrey and all those whom God already has in mind to be on team and to attend as candidates.

Please continue to pray for all participants of MW36 as they continue in their Fourth Day.

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Ultreya, Longford

4/5/24: Follow the link below for the April 2024 issue of the Rainbow Connection.

12/4/24:  Follow the link below for the reflection our DSD Lee Weissel wrote for our April Secretariat meeting


Please note the following dates for prayer, and attendance where applicable:


June 29th  Ultreya, Edge Anglican, Claremont

August 3rd  Secretariat meeting

October 25-27th National Secretariat meeting, Newcastle

9/11/23:  See below position descriptions for Secretariat roles that you may wish to consider prayerfully.

Three Day Weekends:  Please give thanks and pray for all who attended Men's and Women's 36 in May 2024.  May the Holy Spirit continue to lead them through their Fourth Day;  may they continue to grow in Piety, Study and Action and may they bear much fruit in their local congregations and communities.

Ultreyas:  Please keep checking this page for details of upcoming ultreyas as they become available (see dates above).  

Group Reunions:  Are meeting, either in person or via ZOOM.  If you are not already a member of a Group Reunion, may we urge you to join one.  They are the primary method of keeping the flame kindled during the Three Days burning brightly.  They provide encouragement, accountability and on-going fellowship.  A list of currently operating groups can be found on the Members' Resources page.


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