6/8/22:  To give to a good home!  Over the years, Cursillo Tasmania has accummulated a lot of resources and materials, some of which are surplus to requirement.  One piece of equipment that no longer gets used is a Sony Data Projector.  It is in excellent condition and still works perfectly well, although it is getting dated.  Secretariat would like to offer it to anyone who could make use of it, for a small donation to Cursillo Tasmania.

6/8/22:  Follow links below to the August reflection from our DSD Lee Weissel and our NSA Jane Lamont's prayer for August. Also, please note the updated list of dates below.

9/6/22:  See below some feedback from Hong Kong #4 which was held in June.  Please continue to pray for the growing number of Cursillistas in Hong Kong and for HK#5, their first Chinese language weekend, to be held in October.

3/6/22:  Please continue to pray for Annette Sims as she gathers her team for MW35 (booked for April 2023 at Blue Lagoon, Dodges Ferry) and for the new Cursillistas from MW34.  A list of names is available on the Members' Resources page. 


Preparations are under way for a regional ultreya in the North (September 3rd) and for the long anticipated far northern ultreya on Flinders Island (February 25th, 2023).

More details for both will be available closer to the time.

Remember that everyone is invited to all ultreyas - you don't have to live in that particular region, which is particularly good news for the Cursillistas on Flinders Island.


Follow the link for the  April issue  of the Rainbow Connection.

1/8/22: Follow the link (circulars/meditations) for a prayer for August from our National Spiritual Advisor, Jane Lamont.

6/8/22:  Follow the link (circulars/meditations) for a reflection from our Diocesan Spiritual Director, Lee Weissel, written for our August Secretariat meeting.

Ongoing prayer:

Please continue to pray for protection and nurture of the new Cursillistas in Hong Kong as the movement puts down firmer roots in that country and as Christians face increased pressure from the government.  Please pray especially for their 2022 Weekends, giving thanks that they are proceeding and praying that they bear much fruit.


Please note the following dates for prayer, and attendance where applicable:


September 3rd  Ultreya, Deloraine

September 17th  Bishop's Training Event, St Clement's, Kingston

September 24th Bishop's Training Event, Worldview College, Launceston

October 1st  Secretariat meeting (via ZOOM)

October 8th MW35 Team Commissioning, St James', New Town

October 28th-30th  National Secretariat meeting, Perth (WA)

December 3rd Secretariat meeting (via ZOOM)


February 10th-13th Floral Festival, St David's Cathedral

February 25th  Diocesan Ultreya, Flinders Island

March 23rd-24th  MW35 Overnight Training, Blue Lagoon, Dodges Ferry

April 9th  Easter Sunday

April 27-30th  MW35, Blue Lagoon, Dodges Ferry

May 13th  Welcome Ultreya (venue to be confirmed)

Three Day Weekends:  Please pray for the Spirit's guidance in the formation of a team for Men's and Women's 35 in 2023.

Ultreyas:  Regional ultreyas are up and running again.  Please keep checking this page for details of upcoming ultreyas as they become available.  

The long-postponed 'very northern' ultreya on Flinders Island is to be held on February 25th, 2023.  Please come if you can, to make this a time of special encouragement and blessing to our faithful brothers and sisters off-shore.

Group Reunions:  Are meeting, either in person or via ZOOM.  If you are not already a member of a Group Reunion, may we urge you to join one.  They are the primary method of keeping the flame kindled during the Three Days burning brightly.  They provide encouragement, accountability and on-going fellowship.  A list of currently operating groups can be found on the Members' Resources page.


2018 View (of zoological & botanical gar

An update on Cursillo in Hong Kong (June 2022)

Will Newman

9/6/22:  HK4 was a great success, and we all loved the palanca so many of you sent. Thank you!

HK4 1 signed.jpg

March 2022:

Dear Shirley

So good to hear from you, and to know that Cursillo is going strong in Tassie! 

HK has been going through tough times in the past 3 years, but we have enjoyed two 3-day weekends after the first one you all so wonderfully gifted to us, and HK#4 is scheduled for June 2-5. Since January we've only been able to meet on Zoom, but we are optimistic that the rules will be relaxed and we'll be able to go ahead. So all the planning and praying is proceeding. Many of us from HK#1 are very actively involved, while others from HK#2 and #3 are also stepping up into leadership roles. 

Small group reunions are going well, we now have 5 groups meeting regularly every fortnight. 

We are working hard to start our first Chinese language 3-day weekend, which we hope will happen in Sept/Oct. When we can achieve this then Cursillo HK will really be able to live and grow, and make a difference in the life of the Anglican Church of HK.

Thank you for your love and care for us.

Peace and blessings!

De Colores!