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20/2/24:  Follow the link below for the reflection our DSD Lee Weissel wrote for our February Secretariat meeting

20/2/24: Follow the link below for the February 2024 issue of the Rainbow Connection.


Please note the following dates for prayer, and attendance where applicable:


February 24th  Ordinations, St David's Cathedral

March 16th  Diocesan Ultreya, St Aidan's, East Launceston

March 31st  Easter Sunday

April 6th  Secretariat meeting (ZOOM)

April 19-20th  MW36 Overnight training

May 2-5th  MW36 Camp Clayton, Turners Beach

May 25th  Welcome Ultreya, Christ Church, Longford

20/2/24: Please continue to pray and give thanks for Greg Stanford and the team for MW36 as they prepare for the Weekend in May 2024.  Pray for the Lord's protection over them at all times and for continued commitment and enthusiasm in their service.  Please pray too for the sponsors and candidates that the Lord has already chosen to attend the Weekend, that they will hear and respond when he calls.

Team: Greg Stanford (LC), Roger Hesketh & Jo Tevelein (SAs), Paul Dennis (Proctor), Margaret Brodie (musician), Jon & Margaret Hosford, Naomi Skeat, Stephen East, David Tilley, Heather & James Eaton, Monte (musician) & Kathy Mumford, Keir Steedman

9/11/23:  See below

1. some photos from the National Secretariat meeting in Sunbury (26-29th Oct) and the Tasmanian Diocesan ultreya in Launceston (4th Nov).

2. position descriptions for Secretariat roles that you may wish to consider prayerfully.

(FB) DSCN1192 - website copy.JPG
(FB) DSCN1203 - Copy.JPG

MW36 Team Commissioning & Training


National Secretariat meeting, Sunbury, Victoria, Oct 2023

Bishop Ian Palmer decommissioning the Rev Jane Lamont (National Spiritual Advisor) and Leanne Doyle (Secretary).

Bishop Ian Palmer commissioning the Rev Dr Lee Weissel (National Spiritual Advisor) and Kay Self (Secretary).

(FB) DSCN0384 - Copy.JPG
(FB) DSCN0353 - Copy.JPG
(FB) DSCN0368 - Copy.JPG
(FB) DSCN0374 - Copy.JPG
(FB) DSCN0376 - Copy.JPG

Diocesan Ultreya,

St Aidan's,

East Launceston

Nov 2023

Secretariat Job Advertisement A4-1.jpg
Secretariat Job Advertisement A4-2.jpg

Three Day Weekends:  Please continue to pray for all who attended Men's and Women's 35 in April and for Greg Stanford and his team for Men's and Women's 36 in May 2024.

Ultreyas:  Regional ultreyas are up and running again.  Please keep checking this page for details of upcoming ultreyas as they become available (see dates above).  

Group Reunions:  Are meeting, either in person or via ZOOM.  If you are not already a member of a Group Reunion, may we urge you to join one.  They are the primary method of keeping the flame kindled during the Three Days burning brightly.  They provide encouragement, accountability and on-going fellowship.  A list of currently operating groups can be found on the Members' Resources page.


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