30/3/22:  Praise the Lord!  Barely has the dust settled on MW34 and we can announce that Annette Sims has accepted the invitation to be Lay Coordinator for MW35 in 2023.  Please cover her with prayer for personal protection and pray for discernment and the Spirit's guidance as she forms a team.


Please continue to pray for the new Cursillistas from MW34.  A list of names is available on the Members' Resources page. 


The next regional ultreya is to be held at Lindisfarne Anglican on Saturday, July 16th.

More details will be available closer to the time.

A date has not yet been set for our next ultreya in the North.

Remember that everyone is invited to all ultreyas - you don't have to live in that particular region.

30/3/22:  See below an exciting and encouraging update from 'our man in Hong Kong', Fr Will Newman.


Follow the link for the  April issue  of the Rainbow Connection.

14/5/22: Follow the link (circulars/meditations) for a prayer for May from our National Spiritual Advisor, Jane Lamont.

8/4/22:  Follow the link (circulars/meditations) for a reflection from our Diocesan Spiritual Director, Lee Weissel, written for our April Secretariat meeting.

Ongoing prayer:

Please continue to pray for protection and nurture of the new Cursillistas in Hong Kong as the movement puts down firmer roots in that country.  Please pray especially for their 2022 Weekends, that they can proceed and bear much fruit.


Please note the following dates for prayer, and attendance where applicable:


June 11th  Secretariat meeting (via ZOOM)

July 16th   Regional ultreya, Lindisfarne Anglican


April 27-30th  MW35

Three Day Weekends:  Please pray for the Spirit's guidance in the formation of a team for Men's and Women's 35 in 2023.

Ultreyas:  Regional ultreyas are up and running again.  Please keep checking this page for details of upcoming ultreyas as they become available.  The next Regional Ultreya will be at Lindisfarne Anglican, on July 16th 2022.

We still plan to have a 'very northern' ultreya on Flinders Island.  A date is yet to be set.

Group Reunions:  Are meeting, either in person or via ZOOM.  If you are not already a member of a Group Reunion, may we urge you to join one.  They are the primary method of keeping the flame kindled during the Three Days burning brightly.  They provide encouragement, accountability and on-going fellowship.  A list of currently operating groups can be found on the Members' Resources page.


2018 View (of zoological & botanical gar

An update on Cursillo in Hong Kong (March 2022)

Will Newman

Dear Shirley

So good to hear from you, and to know that Cursillo is going strong in Tassie! 

HK has been going through tough times in the past 3 years, but we have enjoyed two 3-day weekends after the first one you all so wonderfully gifted to us, and HK#4 is scheduled for June 2-5. Since January we've only been able to meet on Zoom, but we are optimistic that the rules will be relaxed and we'll be able to go ahead. So all the planning and praying is proceeding. Many of us from HK#1 are very actively involved, while others from HK#2 and #3 are also stepping up into leadership roles. 

Small group reunions are going well, we now have 5 groups meeting regularly every fortnight. 

We are working hard to start our first Chinese language 3-day weekend, which we hope will happen in Sept/Oct. When we can achieve this then Cursillo HK will really be able to live and grow, and make a difference in the life of the Anglican Church of HK.

Thank you for your love and care for us.

Peace and blessings!

De Colores!