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2018 Ultreya
2017 Team Training
2017 Ultreya 2

Please note, the photos above were taken in those carefree days before the advent of COVID-safe social distancing.

After Cursillo

The term 'after Cursillo' is a misnomer because Cursillo is an ongoing adventure. The Cursillo weekend is not an end in itself. It is a starting point that lasts the rest of one's life.


Meetings are held regularly to provide ongoing support and encouragement. These meetings are called Ultreyas. They are times where participants hear talks, sing, pray, share a meal and generally enjoy a happy time of fellowship.  All of this is to help them make progress in their fourth day lives. Three Diocesan Ultreyas are held each year and regional Ultreyas are also held in the South, North and North West.

The term Ultreya means "onwards" or "go further". It was a shout of enthusiasm by the youth on the initial pilgrimage to the shrine of St James of Compostela. So too in Ultreyas do participants learn from, motivate and energise each other as they share the experiences and insights of their lives.

Cursillistas are also encouraged to meet together for Group reunions. These are small groups which meet regularly and where members report on their Christian journey. They share experiences relating to their piety, their study, and their apostolic action. The empathy and encouragement emanating from these groups affirm, refine and even readjust the direction of their lives.

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