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Jane Lamont

Prayer for September 2023 from our National Spiritual Advisor (The Rev. Jane Lamont)


Prayer for September 2023.png

Reflection from our Diocesan Spiritual Advisor (The Rev. Lee Weissel), August 2023

Lee Weissel

"To hope in Christ is at the same time to believe in the adventure of history."

Gustavo Gutierrez, A theology of Liberation

Cursillo as a community reminds us that we are often participating in communities that have their own traditions and histories. We are temporal beings, moving through space that was constructed by others with a vision for the future in mind. Our church buildings for example were built with ideas in mind that reinforce our ways of thinking. Yet they were never meant to be closed systems, but rather places to reflect and think about possibility.


Reflecting on our temporal nature through this life, we know we need to be mindful of the time we are in, and the issues that we are called by the Spirit to face. This year we will wrestle with our history as a nation over the Voice referendum, while acknowledging that we meet on lands that were taken. We are fortunate to have a number of Cursillistas who have been and are working hard at reconciliation in a number of areas.

We are very fortunate to have so many spiritually gifted people who are Cursillistas working in the world, making a difference in their endeavour, serving Christ where they are.

Having a tradition and practice of Cursillo reminds us of who we are, and why we come together as a community to do what we do. It also reminds us that we have been given the gift of this time, and are asked how we will use it. Will we build up the stream of time, so leaving a legacy?  Will we listen to the call of God again on us, and dare to continue to dream God sized dreams for our world? God’s Spirit calls us to be his hands and his feet in all places, to help bring in the kingdom.

The now is our time. Let us again listen to the prompting of the Spirit.


De Colores.

Report from Judy Maplestone on Diocesan Ultreya, Huonville, June 24th 2023.

The recent Diocesan Ultreya was held on Saturday the 24th JUNE 2023 at the Anglican Connect Centre in Huonville. We were introduced to the Huonville Parish’s hospitality with a welcome from their Cursillistas starting the day with a cuppa and hearty morning tea with plenty of home baked goodies and a time of socialising and sharing.


The Spiritual Director for the day Rev. Leslie Borowitzka welcomed those who had gathered for the day and we were introduced to the Cursillo Theme for the day with a meditation on “Christian Community”. Our musician Anne French chose some rousing hymns/songs based on the reading Romans Chapter 5 Verses 1 to 5.

Like Paul in C.E.67 who was building up a true Christian Community our speaker who gave his witness talk ‘Dahoo He’ took us on his personal journey of how he and his wife (Becky) became new Christians. The song that he chose “You are the Vine” (629) spoke of the living, growing, and thriving Church.

Since leaving Beijing in 2018 they have had an amazing time (no doubt, not without times of testing) learning English, studying at university, being Baptised, attending the Cursillo MW 34 weekend, becoming an Australian Citizen and being welcomed into various Christian communities where they have been supported and in turn they have contributed with their gifts. (Both within the church and the wider community). The Church as Dahoo says is “One Big Family.” Their daily lives have grown and been strengthened as they have walked in Faith and Jesus is ‘Alive in their Hearts’ and they now look forward to preparing for Confirmation.

DSC04540 (i).JPG

Our morning session finished with input from Margaret Brodie on the importance of Group Reunions and Ruth Thomas spoke about the role of Secretariat and the up-and-coming Cursillo events for 2023 and 2024.

 Our bring and share lunch was complimented by home made soup (Yes beautifully cooked by Rev. Brett Lund).

In the afternoon we participated in a Floating Group Reunion and then ended the day with Holy Communion followed by the final notices, the closing prayer and team decommissioning. The Ultreya was a cheerful, spirit filled event …filled with joy we left uplifted- encouraged by our brother’s witness and deep sharing with our fellow pilgrims in Christ.

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