Jane Lamont

Prayer for May 2022 from our National Spiritual Advisor (The Rev. Jane Lamont)


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Lee Weissel

Reflection from our Diocesan Spiritual Advisor (The Rev. Lee Weissel), April 2022

DSD reflection for April 2022

"Now on the first day of the week Mary Magdalene came to the tomb early, while it was still dark, and saw that the stone had been rolled away from the tomb" John 20:1

Thanks to God for the gift of family.  Many of us have had the blessing of knowing our parents and grandparents, and so understand that we are part of a greater chain of being. This understanding is further defined if we have our own children, and indeed grandchildren. Our stories are passed down through these connections, telling us of our past, and helping us to dream about the future. When we understand that we are here for a time, then gone, it helps us to think about what are the stories that we need to keep telling, the stories that we steward so they do not become lost in time.

The story of Easter has been one of those that has been told and retold, so much in the past that it is imbedded in our national calendar. It is a story of seeming brokenness (Good Friday) turned into a surprising victory (Easter Sunday). John 20 begins with a duty of caring, and ends with the transformation of resurrection. It is the story of reconciliation between God and humanity. It involves truth telling about who we truly are, away from the stories we might hide behind, and breaking silences on the uncomfortable things. We then can see how great the love of God is for us at Easter, by seeking to make us whole through the death and resurrection of Jesus. When we do this, we can start to walk in God’s story anew.

When we embrace the story of Our Lord, we embrace Him in the Holy Spirit, having not only our own stories but our very selves transformed to be like Him, who loves us beyond measure, and who came and saved us. It also means that our loved ones before us who died in the Lord, we will see again.

May this Easter be a blessing for you and your family, and may you rediscover the hope you have in the Risen Jesus.

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